Songs from The Netherlands

Songs from The Netherlands

Elisabeth von Magnus, soprano
Jacob Bogaart
, piano
2012, Nederlands Muziek Instituut

This disc of Dutch songs – which is not the same thing as songs in Dutch – comes from the Netherlands Music Institute, an organisation that has propagandized eloquently on behalf of Dutch music and its performance on disc, past and present. The recording was made a number of years ago – in 2004 and 2007, to be precise – but as the music is still so little performed and recorded this 65-minute vocal recital gives an attractive focus on the five named composers.

The performers are ardent interpreters of these songs. Sometimes Elisabeth von Magnus pushes quite high and the result is stridency, but for the most part she sings with assurance, not least when clarifying the different expressive temperatures of these sometimes very disparate songs. Jacob Bogaart is the watchful, eloquent accompanist.


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