Press quotes for The Art of Dutch Keyboard Music.

‘A beautiful box, it deserves a wide audience’

Opus Klassiek, Emanuel Overbeeke / 2015

‘The Art of Dutch Keyboard Music, a lifework, the majority of the works were never published, not on LP nor on CD’

NRC, Floris Don / 2015

‘Many interesting compositions for piano, of international standing, eminently recorded’

Trouw, Christo Lelie / 2015

‘Jacob Bogaart has erected a unique monument’

Het Parool, Erik Voermans / 2015

‘Historical recordings”. “Praise to Jacob Bogaart’

Telegraaf, Thiemo Wind / 2015

‘Pianist Jacob Bogaart recorded a unique collection, one great journey of discovery.’

Leeuwarder Courant, Erik Voermans / 2015

‘Discoveries of our own soil’

Gooi en Eemlander, Josée Zuiver / 2015

‘With this valuable CD box Jacob Bogaart achieved an accomplishment of great stature.’

Nederlands Dagblad, Roel Sikkema / 2015

‘An impressive anthology.’

Luister, Olga de Kort Koulikova / 2015

‘Jacob Bogaart is a very gifted player, who has endeavoured to give each work an optimal interpretation.’ ‘A varied documentary, a musical appealing and exciting anthology of Dutch keyboard music.’ ‘This remarkable and important CD box is characterised by a beautiful execution, musically and programmatically, textually and by design.’

EPTA Bulletin, Christo Lelie / 2015

‘Stunning Dutch heritage. An overview in which every CD tells us how proud we should be of the Dutch cultural inheritance.’

Klassieke Zaken / 2015

‘Jacob Bogaart is a pioneer, an advocate and a tireless discoverer of Dutch keyboard music.’

Olga Koulikova, pianist / 2015

‘..what a beautiful clear playing, never massif or woolly, pianoplaying which I love’

Katja Reichenfeld, musicreviewer, author / 2015

‘This is a monumental achievement.’

Jan van Dijk, composer, last still living pupil of Willem Pijper / 2015

‘A veritable mer á boire’

Paul van Reijen, musicologist, professor University of Groningen, pianist, publicist / 2015

‘.. this remarkable project deserves all possible appreciation for its programming and execution.’

Daniel Wayenberg, pianist, composer / 2015

‘A monument to cherish.’

Dagblad v.h. Noorden / 2015

‘An A+’ ‘All played with great inspiration; an exemplary production.’

Hans Quant, pianist / 2015


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